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7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Support

7 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your new Host – Support

Part 3:  The support you get is important, make the right choice for you.   

Following on from the introduction, and last weeks discussion on longevity and history a good Managed Hosting Provider will have a strong team of experts available to help you every step of the way, along with a stable online presence

You need a company that is always there for you.  Regardless of the time or day whether your tinkering with your website at 2am on a Saturday night or on a holiday weekend, what happens if something breaks your website? You’ll want want to get hold of someone immediately to help you out!

Support offerings vary massively from different providers. Some will just make sure that their server works, and make you fend for yourself if a database gets corrupt, basically the bare minimum. Others will take care of everything for you, but be prepared to pay a lot of money.

It’s a personal choice, but we recommend finding a company that works best for you matching your personal skills, knowledge and budget. Perhaps you are a super nerd in which case, you probably don’t need to read this! and only the bare minimum is needed. But for the majority, if something goes wrong you will want a partner that you can count on at any time.

Here at Netcetera, support is what we do. We are always available by live chat and email (tickets) 24×7. Our people are here to make sure you are happy and your problems are resolved as quickly as possible. We are also currently offering a Web Hosting sale in which you can buy any of our hosting packages for just £1! Simply enter code ‘TRYME‘ at checkout and feel the true value of great support and service.

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Hosting Highlight: Designer Package

Our Designer Package is perfect for any growing e-commerce website. Featuring fewer customers per server, PCI compliance (to store credit cards), a free SSL Certificate, and enterprise database support, this plan is a truly a gem. Get Started now for only £6.66 per month.


Speak to our friendly team today to find out what our services can do for you, or for any other queries, please call 03330 439780 or Chat Live with one of the team.


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