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Are you looking for an easier way to develop and host your websites? As a web developer, you might normally work on local development sites and then just upload everything once you’re done. But when you’re dealing with more than one person working on something, or on a large project with lots of complicated components, then it’s simply not feasible. Netcetera has been delivering hosting and website developer tools for over 21 years and with clients in over 75 countries around the world we are always looking at ways to help our clients find smarter and more cost effective ways to work. 

Our latest Managed Hosting Solutions powered by Plesk allows you to manage Git repositories and automatically deploy sites from such repositories to a target public directory. In other words, you can use Git as a transport for initial publishing and further updates.

Check out some of the benefits you will only find with our new and integrated Git support including:

  • Easily deploy your website content. Push to a local Git repository or pull from a remote one.
  • Use GitHub, BitBucket, Travis, or any other software engineering service.
  • Create multiple branches in a single repository to separate staging from production code.
  • Manually deploy for total control or save precious time with automatic deployment.

All of Netcetera’s Managed Hosting comes with the very latest Plesk Onyx Control Panel which is backed up with the fastest and most reliable Managed Hosting available anywhere in the UK. So if you’re looking to find a better way to develop your websites, work smarter, save money and host your sites on the most reliable platform around, then check out our awesome Managed Hosting Solutions today. Simply click on the button below to find the very best hosting to develop your websites on.

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